Selection Restoration - Repairs - Balancing - Calibration

This service includes a series of activities aimed at the restoration and total recovery of system operational functionality.A preventive and detailed general check-up is carried out before all operational tests on the feeding system.

The operator, following the Testing protocol, then begins to feed the pieces into the container and/or channel.
Every action (balancing, calibration, checking air gaps, controller trimmer set points) is designed to obtain maximum performance in terms of RHYTHM and SELECTION reliability.
At this point, if they have encountered any anomalies or problems, the technician will prepare a report, along with a quote for the repair and restoration of functionality.e. Or, if suitable for the issue at hand, TUMAC will offer the customer's staff some suggestions for changes.
In certain cases TUMAC is able to provide a complete GENERAL INSPECTION, which involves:

  • Dismantling and cleaning all mechanical and electrical components
  • Replacement of worn and/or damaged parts
  • Restoration of Selection areas
  • Checking screws

  • Checking connector cables
  • Fixing air gaps
  • System balancing
  • System calibration
  • Functionality tests


Coatings - Covers - SPECIAL Treatments

Protecting surfaces from wear and abrasions means savings. The TUMAC Engineers are constantly looking for new coatings and/or technologies to protect the surfaces of the containers/cups.

Generally speaking, coatings provide good protection at a reasonable cost, in some cases even improving the rhythm of the system and reducing noise levels.
Some types of coating have sound-absorbing characteristics, as well as providing effective protection for the metal parts in contact with the piece being processed.Some common types of coatings are listed below; for specific coatings and/or special application types, contact our Engineering service.
POLYURETHANE spray or paste is characterised by its fair sound-absorbing qualities and wear resistance.

The TUMAC "PolySH90 Spray" has excellent anti-wear and anti-abrasion properties, and is widely used as a coating to protect the interiors of the containers/cups when they are used to process sharp metal parts.
Other STANDARD coatings are:

  • Polyurethane (Spray or Paste)
  • Habasit in all blends (Paste)
  • Teflon (Spray or Paste)

For SPECIAL and/or CUSTOM coatings, consult our Customer Service


TUMAC provides tailor-made service packages, with personalised contracts, created according to your needs to ensure maximum reliability and optimal performance for the entire life cycle of your machines/systems
A MAINTENANCE contract is the right choice to ensure the long-term profitability of your work.

Thanks to our modular product range, you can match or adapt various modules.Choosing our services is an investment in your company's long-term operability.For more information, please request a visit from our Technician to create your "CUSTOM Maintenance Contract"


  • MAINTENANCE (Periodic)




We only use ORIGINAL TUMAC spare parts

All our spare parts are made in our TUMAC facilities, ensuring full interchangeability. Disassembly and replacement is quick and easy, and does not require any specific expertise.

GUARANTEED replacements

TUMAC offers Spare part sets for older installations, for any maintenance needs, and Starter kits for new plants and systems. Training Courses for Maintenance Staff.


IMMEDIATE Availability for ENGINEERING Services and TECHNICAL Support

Our Engineering Service is available to meet your every need, finding rapid and precise mutually agreed solutions through the use of video conferencing.Trials and preventative tests can be shared via streaming, with obvious savings in terms of both time and costs. Our efficient Customer Service team provide solutions, offering Technical support in 8-24 hours throughout Italy and 48 hours for EU countries, with a range of spare parts available.Most STANDARD items are available via fast delivery.